Bio - Mick Egan

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Born Liverpool,1970. 

​I grew up in Liverpool with my parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. At any family get together I wanted to be the one with the camera and usually took good pictures. So it’s quite surprising that I only decided to make photography a more prominent part of my life in October 2016.


​I left school at 16 with no qualifications, accepting a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) at a car dealer in Knotty Ash. From there I worked for a car leasing company for 8 years, and after a few hit and misses I settled into bus driving at 28. Ironically, my first depot was Green Lane, almost opposite the road I had grown up in, and where I had played football as a kid against the perimeter wall. 


After 15 years of buses and coaches I changed career, taking a position as a Compliance Officer in August 2013, with a national haulage company. I adapted well and was settling in to what I had hoped would be a long term career, even enrolling on a Foundation Degree with the Open University to enhance my prospects. 


Unfortunately, in May 2015 I was seriously injured in a car crash, suffering extensive injuries to my chest, shoulder and spine. (See my Blog, 'Why Fitness Photography') After 4 months off work I begged my GP to let me go back as my boss had offered a phased return to work. I never resumed my full time role, instead moving back to West Sussex to work at Gatwick airport. 


I lived in a shared house and one of my housemates, a former wedding photographer, gave me a lot of encouragement. I was soon engrossed with nature photography, and ended up hand feeding the squirrels that visited the garden every day. 

​After a year at Gatwick I moved back to the north west to be closer to family and friends, taking a job at Manchester airport, though quitting after three months as the commuting to and from work combined with the stresses of driving busses on public roads had become too much for me! I still suffer with travel anxieties which are at their worst when on motorways! 


I had returned to work too soon, not allowing myself adequate time to recover from either the psychological or physical traumas. Taking time off to concentrate on my health and well being was well overdue, also providing the opportunity to build my portfolio and produce this website.

Best wishes, ​Mick...