These slideshows ar a selection from a number of models I have had the pleasure to work with, including some great locations, such as the first set at Ullswater lake in Cumbria. 


Megan Jay

I had wanted to shoot with Megan for a while before finally arranging this shoot near her home in Cumbria.

Megan is such a relaxed person, so easy to work with, and as an absolute bonus, she lives in the Lake District which is a place I love!

Megan is in her late 20's and loves to refurbish properties with her boyfriend.

Due to the weather we spent the first few hours at her house, then despite the rain Megan insisted we set off to Ullswater Lake, determined my 100 mile journey would not be wasted.

I believe these are some of my best images, with my Lady of the Lake image being my absolute favourite. 

I will undoubtedly work with Megan again, something I will be looking forward to. 




I first worked with Claire after she messaged about working together, having taken a keen interest in my portfolio and style of shoots. 

Our first shoot was brilliant and it wasn't hard to see why Claire is a really busy model. Her posing is effortless and with such a confident and bubbly personality she is just a pleasure to work with. 

I have now worked with Claire on more than ten occasions with quite a few more shoots already either booked or in the planning stage.

Claire is so easy to work with and its fair to say we have become good friends and just keep creating great images which are both very happy with. 

From Art nude to fashion, we have covered so many genres, and with the obvious buzz Claire brings to shoots I see there being a lot more to come from us over the coming months. 


Nova Evelynne 

Nova contacted me on Instagram and asked about arranging a shoot. I was quite excited as she possesses such a striking look in her profile images.

We discussed some Cosplay ideas, with Nova opting for the French maid and Alice in Wonderland costumes, also agreeing on a couple of ideas I wanted to shoot.

Nova has a wonderful personality, so we quickly built a great rapport and started discussing a second shoot.  So, within 2 weeks I have worked with Nova twice, and with a wonderful variety in shots. 

Nova is amazing to work with, she is just so creative with a great understanding of modelling and photography. I hope I get to shoot with her again in the future. 


Rahel Kapsaski

I contacted Rahel through a photography website as I loved the variety and content of her portfolio.

We spent a whole day at my home studio and I could not have asked for more.

With only 2 short breaks Rahel worked tirelessly with complete passion and commitment to her tasks with every shot!

Our discussions beforehand had paid off as we worked through many costumes, lingerie, art nude and also creating some great Bodyscape images too!

Before the day was out Rahel and I had arranged a second shoot on location, including a few themes which I have already bought the costumes for.


Gia Rose

Gia Rose by profession is a dog groomer and someone who absolutely loves her job, but also has a very keen interest in modelling, make up and styles such as Goth and Steampunk.


We decided on Delamere Forest as our first location, Gia wearing a lace wedding dress amongst the trees and waters  edge, with images being published by two magazines.  


We then moved on to Halton Castle and Church, where Gia changed into her Steampunk outfit. An image from this set has also been published in a U.S. magazine.

More recently, Gia asked me to work on a Candy theme shoot at my home studio, which was quickly featured by Ignite magazine, based in San Diego, California. 


Kerrie Carty


I met Kerrie online in April 2019 and arranged a shoot at my home studio. So our second shoot in March 2020 was long overdue!

Kerrie is a mum of twin girls, a make up artist of over 10 years, and is now modelling with an increasingly broad portfolio. 


Kerrie has a lovely personality, is both enthusiastic and creative, with a talent for improv! 


On our first shoot we used a few costumes but on our second shoot we set up some nice moody low light shots to start, followed by some creative make up shots I am hoping to get published.

Working with Kerrie is a great deal of fun, and as we share many ideas I have asked about another shoot, though Kerrie also worked with me this month on my Lady's Day theme shoot, with next month being the Grand National at Aintree racecourse.


JAZZebell_ Whale


I originally met JAZZebell_ early last year via a Facebook group, seeing her availibility after suffering 2 cancellations in 3 days.  

This was my 2nd shoot and first with her at my new home studio which has far more space and opportunity.  

Once again JAZZebell_ was an absolute pleasure to work with, though this time allowing me to direct her more tho still providing me with some amazing poses and facial expressions!

JAZZebell_ has so much 

energy and charisma it is just an absolute pleasure to work with her and I am looking forward to another shoot in the future. 


Molly Rose

Molly Rose lives in Preston and has a full time job in accountancy being only a year away from becoming a fully qualified chartered accountant!

I love images with reflections so Molly worked with me on a concept I had, which was of her reflection while applying lipstick.


We obtained some great shots though not surprising as Molly is so relaxed and quickly grasped what I wanted to achieve.

I am hoping to work with Molly again in the future and possibly in December when she has a break from her studies with more time to spend on her love of modelling.

We have already discussed a theme or two which will obviously be added in her.




I met Jade through another  photographer and asked if she would like to shoot at my home studio.

I have always loved many kinds of dancing and acrobatics, so I was excited to meet Jade, who is an aerialist and silks instructor, in addition to being pole dance trained, a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist!

Jade has the most charismatic personality, and is just so full of energy and enthusiasm that I was even more excited about our shoot from the moment we began discussing ideas.

Jade is in her mid 20's, and from Burnley in Lancashire, currently working in a full time job while she builds her portfolio and adds to her already impressive resume!



I met Amber on a model and photographer website, arranging a shoot at my home studio.

Amber is a mum of two young girls and has dreamed of being a model since she was a little girl.

Amber has waited a while to pursue her passion for modelling and is looking to build her confidence, which now after 4 shoots is blatantly clear!

During our first shoot Amber was really quiet and left me to direct her throughout, but now, Amber is quite vocal in shoots, offering lots of great ideas.

It is wonderful to see her confidence build and witness her enjoy being in front of the camera so much.




I met Renaissance through the Purpleport website, and again, arranged a shoot at my home studio last minute due to a cancellation.

Renaissance has been a full time professional model for over 12 years and has worked in many parts of the world, possessing the most varied and amazing portfolio.

I wanted to benefit from her experience and knowledge so I asked Renaissance to provide plenty of input during our shoot.

Renaissance was amazing 

and an absolute pleasure to work with.


Toni G

I met Antoinette,  (Toni) by replying to her casting on a photography website, arranging a shoot for the same week.

Toni is from Scotland but moved to Liverpool less than a year ago, hoping for better modelling opportunities, after posing for her sister who was completing a photography course and enjoying being in front of the camera.


Toni sings in a choir, is a burlesque dancer and a dog lover.

As Toni's children are all grown up she says its time to live a little and has been inspired by the many mature models to start modelling but making sure she has lots of fun along the way!



Sparkles Studio - Liverpool

I have worked on behalf of Sparkles Studio twice now, the first being at a hotel, promoting the business with a Ladies Day theme, just before the famous Grand national event at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool. 

Sadly, the event didn't take place, so this was something to get updated images with her new autumn stock.

Owner, Paula Johnson, chose the Penny Lane Development trust as the location, paying for the studio for two hours.

We ended up doing more shots outside as it was such a lovely day, taking advantage of the amazing John Lennon statue and painted wall, dedicated to the iconic Beatles. 

This slideshow includes a mix of images from both days, as some from the first shoot were actually Paula's own designs. 

Sparkles Studio is in Garston, Liverpool. 


Amy Ireland

I met Amy on Purpleport and quickly struck up a good understanding of how we could work together, organising both location and studio shoots.

Amy is a natural in front of the camera with lots of confidence, a great character and lovely personality.

Our first location was Rhuddlan castle near to Amy's home, the second being Nant Mill water falls about an hour away.

We had exchanged ideas on outfits and discussed what we both hoped to achieve from our shoot and neither of us could of been any happier with the results!

Eight days later we were working together once again, this time at my home studio in Liverpool, and once again, a great shoot with some very good images to show for it.


Jessica Mullineux

I met Jessica on a Facebook photography group, arranging a shoot close to where she lives in the Wirral, Merseyside.

Jess is originally from Preston but now lives in Wallasey with her partner and 2 young children.


After a short break, Jess is now looking to push her career as a model.


Jess was an absolute pleasure to work with needing very little direction from me, making my job very easy indeed.

We started at New Brighton Prom in Wirral, using the river as a backdrop, then to Vale Park, and finally to Seacombe Ferry with Liverpool's waterfront in the background.


Johanna Kirkham


I met Johanna on a Facebook group and soon arranged a shoot at Astley Park, Chorley, quickly followed with a second shoot at my home studio.

Johanna is 22, lives in Preston with her fiancé, and currently manages an opticians. Johanna loves make up, clothes and shoes, and has dreamed of a career in modelling for many years.

Her spare time is usually spent drawing or gaming with a keen interest in shopping for new outfits for future shoots, preferring the more quirky styles.

Johanna has been inspired by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors but is keen to develop her own sense of style while remaining versatile to meet the needs of any photo shoot.


Carol May


I met Carol on the Purpleport website and after a few messages we decided to arrange a location shoot at Crosby Marina in north Liverpool

The weather was kind and Carol who's age I wont mention because you won't believe me, was really impressed with the variety of back drops the location had to offer. 

After shots in the garden and on the beach with both sea views and Liverpool docks in the background using different angles we moved on to my home studio in Seaforth, just 10 minutes away from the marina.

Carol had brought along some very stylish outfits including beautiful dresses that complimented her tall slender figure and stunning looks.



I was delighted when Kayleigh contacted me and asked about arranging a shoot. 

Kayleigh has some very creative images in her portfolio so I was quite excited to work with her. 


Kayleigh is from Liverpool and came along to my home studio with a variety of outfits and plenty of ideas and enthusiasm. 

Kayleigh's bubbly and energetic personality made the shoot a great afternoon, with lots of great images to show for it.