• Mick Egan

For the Love of the Countryside

Living away from family and friends meant I had plenty of time on my days off, so when one of my colleagues from Gatwick invited me out for a day of photography I jumped at the opportunity. Simon is a semi professional with 7 years experience.

We left my car in a pub car park and set off in Simon's car as parking was limited where we headed. Dingley Dell, as Simon called it, was a beautiful piece of privately owned land that allowed public access. Almost everyone we saw were out walking their dogs. West Sussex has some amazing countryside and this was one of them, with the most unusual looking trees I have ever seen.

As we walked Simon obtained interest in not one, but two photo shoots. He asked a professional dog walker we got talking to if the owners may like some photographs taken of their Great Dane, which was greeted with a positive response. The lady's friend then asked Simon if he took photos of horses which he had done the previous week, and had only been telling me an hour before!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with the picture above being my best shot of the day! I am so glad I followed this beautiful Butterfly as it had moved 4 times before finally settling long enough to take pictures.

On getting back to the car we set off to the pub where we had met up, stopping for a hearty meal and a chance to look through our pictures. Simon acknowledged a number of images I had taken explaining why and giving me a lot of encouragement to continue my journey of becoming a recognised photographer.

I can't wait to visit West Sussex again, as it has so much to offer any keen photographer.

Best wishes.


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