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Why Fitness Photography...

On Saturday 9th May 2015 I was involved in a serious car crash when a driver approaching in the opposite direction crossed over into my lane and hit me head on. I suffered a double fracture in my T12 vertebrae, a broken collar bone, a sternum fracture, and 11 rib fractures. I had 3 surgeries to pin and plate my sternum and collar bone and wire 3 of my ribs. I spent the next 2 days in the High Dependency Unit as my left lung had collapsed.

After being discharged 11 days later I spent the next 3 months in a spinal brace as one of those fractures had stopped very close to the spinal cord. I was off work for 4 months returning against my GP's best advice as I couldn't take any more of sitting at home every day and just wanted to get my life back! My boss arranged a phased return to work of 4 hours a day which I increased 3 months later to 6 hours without consulting my GP.

What was left of my car...

When I met with the spinal consultant at Liverpool's Walton Centre in the December he was not happy and reiterated how serious my fractures were and how I should not be rushing anything. He wrote to my GP advising I should not be allowed back to full time hours and duties for at least 12 months and only after another CT scan and follow up appointment.

I wasn't discharged by the Walton Centre until June 2016 when I had already quit my job from the pressures of not being able to resume my full time role. I moved to Crawley in West Sussex where I had lived and worked before, taking a job working airside at Gatwick airport. It was a great move for a while but after about 9 months I began feeling depressed, largely due to me missing my family and friends.

I eventually moved back up north at the end of April 2017, after accepting a position at Manchester airport. To save on travelling I took lodgings in Warrington rather than commuting from Liverpool though still 21 miles away from my new job. As I was still suffering from travel anxieties it wasn't long before these journeys to and from work became too much for me. I quit the airport after just 2 months, deciding to take time off to concentrate on my health and well being.

I had joined the local Xercise 4 Less gym though hardly bothered during the first 4 weeks as I had no motivation and feared using anything other than the cardio machines. There had been a number of failed attempts to return to my active gym life and this seemed to be another one! After going through so much and still regularly suffering back and shoulder pain I just couldn't bear to try and push myself.

I decided to invest in a personal trainer, choosing to train with Abbey, who I met when I first joined and who had shown me around the gym. We kind of clicked personality wise, which helped me relax in what had become an intimidating atmosphere for me. Suffering with anxieties and low self esteem had been getting the better of me for well over a year.

Abbey took my situation very seriously, taking time to read my consultant reports to understand what injuries I had suffered, and to determine the most suitable exercises to aid my further recovery.

After just 12 weeks I had lost 21 lbs and could already see an improvement in my body shape and posture. Being limited compared to before the crash I was amazed at my progress in such a short space of time, though I believe this is testament to Abbey's skills as a personal trainer, and in particular, the support and encouragement she gave me to get where I am today.

So now you know why I want to include fitness on my photography website, feel free to let me know if you are training for a bodybuilding competition or any other sport or event and would like to arrange a photo shoot for you. Whether its a one off or to follow you over a period of time I will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Best wishes...


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