• Mick Egan

A difficult start...

With my dad passing away on Christmas Eve it was never going to be an easy start to the new year, though my friends as always showed me a great deal of support just like the days, weeks and months following my car crash.

I took a few weeks off from training and as a consequence my diet became poor! I barely looked at my camera let alone planned any days out, nor made any effort to arrange photo shoots with the many fitness enthusiasts at my gym. In fact, it wasn't' until March when I got chatting with Jenny Mannion in the gym that I made some effort.

I was pleased to be back behind the lens which gave me a bit of a push to explore where I will take my photography. I am very keen to start offering portrait photography though until I find a more suitable place to live this is at a bit of stalemate! Portrait and Fitness may not seem the most likely combination but they are both something I am very passionate about as memories are so important!

I had a week in Lanzarote at the end of March, quickly followed by a weekend visiting friends in Krakow, Poland. A week later I was in Torreviaja, Spain for a few days though this was to look at properties. I viewed 4 apartments in Villa Martin and decided on one there and then! I was concerned I was acting in haste though to be fair it just felt right. After a second viewing I paid a deposit and set the ball in motion, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine and local beach during my remaining two days in Torreviaja.

On my way back to the airport I saw pink Flamingos for the first time which I am very keen to photograph! I fly out on the 4th June for a month and will be on the look out for other nature and wildlife photo opportunities, also hopeful of finding local fitness enthusiasts who may take me up on the offer of a photo shoot during my visit...

As today marks 3 years since my life changing car crash, I have featured my latest before and after progress picture. I am proud at what I have achieved considering the number and nature of my injuries, though this only spurs me on more to become successful and achieve even greater things!

Best wishes


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