• Mick Egan

Liverpool Bound...

In a couple of weeks I will be once again living in Liverpool, and although I haven’t missed it, I am looking forward to being close to family and friends. I enjoyed my time living in Warrington and it was ideal being literally across the road from Sankey Valley park, where I took the photo above along with many others.

The house will have a spare room to set up as a studio so I can shoot from home, which will include lighting, back drops and various props and furniture.

The last few weeks have been intense to say the least, with 3 shoots in quick succession and more already planned for October.

I start a new job this month after 6 months off while I enjoyed a few holidays and did what I could to boost my portfolio. It isn’t a full-time role so I will have plenty of time for photography.

Being so busy these last 2 weeks has meant my training was placed on the back burner, though hopefully I will be back in the gym this weekend.

Once I am working again I have to accept I won’t have the same amount of time for my photography as the bills have to be paid, but with good time management I am confident I will adopt a good weekly plan, so I don’t miss out too much...

Best wishes

Mick Egan

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