• Mick Egan

What A Year & It's Only August!

Faran at Libre Studio in Liverpool

I have been back in full time employment for over 6 months now and apart from my recent holiday to Spain, there has been very little time for rest and relaxation. This year has been non stop to say the least, but would I change anything? Absolutely not!

It is over 6 months since moving back to Liverpool and setting up my home studio, and I could not be happier with the results so far! I can see the progress I have made, receiving a great deal of wonderful feedback from models and professional photographers, which is so rewarding knowing the effort I have put in.

I have met some amazing people, making a few friends along the way which is always a bonus.

I have suffered a fair few cancellations which are a always a disappointment, though they are also the reason why I ended up working with 2 of the professional models in my portfolio.

In July I worked with John Ayliffe at Libre studio, something I consider to be time and money well spent! I still have so much to learn and working with professionals to draw from their knowledge and experience is something I will keep doing for many years I am sure.

The two models, Faran and Ellie, who worked with John and I at Libre studio were amazing, giving so much effort and helping me capture some great images which I am very proud to have in my portfolio.

With a very busy August planned, including trips to Tatton Hall in Cheshire, and the Woolton Hall networking event in Liverpool.

I am also looking forward to my visit to the Lake District in September, a place I love, so the idea of shooting with a model in the it's amazing scenery is exciting to say the least!

I hope you enjoy my images and if you are interested in shooting with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes

Mick Egan

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